Superchargers for VE to VF HSV Commodore

Superchargers for VE VF Commodore & HSV

Author: Steve Bennett


There have been a range of superchargers available for the Commodores and HSV for years. The release of the Gen F GTS with its factory supercharger has recently given a boost to the popularity of superchargers as an aftermarket item.

What are they like to drive?

The superchargers using the latest technology top mount systems are able to give a good boost in performance without spoiling the luxury feel of the cars. The newer superchargers are relatively quiet although the whine is clearly apparent at full throttle, but the sound doesn't dominate the exhaust at cruising speeds.  When tuned correctly there is much more ease of acceleration at part throttle at low rpm eg. 2000rpm in 6th gear the car feels a few hundred kg lighter. The acceleration at wide open throttle is very strong at even 4000rpm and this negates the need to get the engine into its higher rpm ranges to be enjoyable in its push in the back. Most of the new superchargers when combined with a full exhaust upgrade will end up with 460-510 engine kw even with the factory camshaft, thats around 350-400 rear wheel kw so there is plenty of reason for solid acceleration at full throttle.

What about a front mount supercharger?

Front mount superchargers eg Prochargers and Vortecs, build boost usually with rpm, so at peak revs there is peak boost and usually at low rpm there is very low amounts of boost. Sometimes there is no extra shove in the back from these superchargers until 4000rpm or more. They are also usually far more noisy particularly at idle than the modern top mount superchargers.  They excell when combined with an engine that can cope with large amounts of boost since more boost at high rpm means the boost is consequently reaching a useful value much earlier in the rpm range and the added benefit of this is they provide very nice linear tractionable power. This is unlike turbo systems which usually come on so quickly with torque at low rpm that they spin the tyres more unexpectedly. A well setup car with a top mount and matching engine is hard to beat at the strip. The new procharger with variable boost is also worth a look.

What do you recommend for VE or VF Commodores and HSV?

Magnusson Hearbeat 2300 at OztrackWe currently recommend the Magnusson Heartbeat 2300 or the Harrop FDFI2300 depending on customer preference for looks. Both perform really well and are high quality items. When combined with aftermarket heads, full exhaust and a blower cam upgrade they are capabale of making over 500 rwkw. On a factory Commodore L77 they are capable of 460 engine kw which is 345 rwkw in a auto or 365rwkw in a manual, in HSV LS3 this increased to near 500 engine kw which is 375 rwkw in Autos or approaching 400 rwkw in manuals. 


For near new cars owners we can now offer the Harrop FDFI2300 for around $14000 fitted and dyno tuned. Some VE models will also require a fuel pump upgrade.


The other option is you could do a cam upgrade and lift power up to as much as 430 engine kw or higher with some good heads. The car will idle choppy or lumpy which may be what you want. The cost of an oztrack cam upgrade starts from $4750 with new lifters.