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Cooling System Problems in Holden & HSV VT-VZ or VE-VF

Cooling System Problems


One of the simple to avoid problems we often see with Performance Commodores and really with all cars are cooling system problems.

Sadly in many of these situations the owners have already tried to fix the problem. They have often already replaced the radiator with an aftermarket item (sometimes more expensive ones). Or the other thing is the water pump has been replaced with a non-Genuine item. Some of these are purchased off ebay, gumtree or even Repco or Bursons etc.

Our advice is only use Genuine or highly reputable. We use NATRAD for our radiators and only absolutely genuine with the water pumps.


Sometimes though cars give trouble settling in with the full amount of coolant. We have seen cars before overheat with the gauge on VE-VF V8 below half. But you can feel the bottom hose (on the lower left side of the engine when you are looking at it). If this is still cold, that is because the thermostat is not open. The thermostat might be faulty or there is an air bubble in the engine and it needs bleeding.

Radiator Cap

When we tune cars we make the fans normally come on 100% at 101 deg C. The factory mapping only does this at 109. So don’t trust fan noise to guide you on how hot the car is.

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