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Oztrack Customer Reviews

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Oztrack customer opinions and experiences, tuning, cam packages, cam and heads packages, dyno tuning, mail order, autocal remote tuning, exhaust systems


This page displays comments from people who have had work done by oztrack.  This includes, power packages, tuning, dyno tuning, mail order tune, remote tuning,oztrack cam upgrades, oztrack cams,

supercharger tuning, over radiator intake, otr and tune etc.


HS VF GTS exhaust bimodal ceramic headers dyno tune OZ510


Over Radiator intake

daniel vaughn

dave healey

Ethan Lightfoot

gavin kitchen


Nathan Cross

shane chalker

shannon wells

steve percan

wayne small


chris lamont2

phillip keatlkey



VF SSV cam upgrade xforce

Maloo Cam upgrade LS3

Oztrack Cam upgrade Clubsport HSV

VE commodore Cam

dyno tune

Tamara Simone

Daniel Duffin



mitchell barr



VE Maloo Tune

Chrysler 300, Chrysler 300c, SRT8, SRT

VE HSV Maloo, Supercharged, Harrop HTV2300

sean Tea 2

Adam Garner

dean sharples


SJ Russ

VE Commodore

VF HSV Maloo, Cam upgrade, HPS, HSV

HSV Clubsport, Stealth II

Oztrac Review VY Ute LS1 Mail Order Tune Economy

VE Commodore, Stealth II cam

VZ LS1 Cam upgrade, Cam and heads, oztrack cam

Kristina Frey

VE E3 GTS, Cam upgrade, Stealth II, HSV Club

VF Clubsport, Supercharger upgrade, HSV VF Clubsport

Scott Meehan

Travis Sandeman

Brendan Sewell

Brett Champ

Chris Lopmean

Danny Westwood

Did Kedwell

Geneo Customs

James Darnley

grant neilson

Jo Girolamo

julian stap2

Mark Rylewski

Marty Fishe

Patrick Clousen

Phil Busbridge


Rune Ystebo

Sean Tea

Mail Order Tune

Carbon OTR VE VF


EFI Live Tuning VCM Performance

John Whyte new

Corey Handley new