Mail Order Tune for VT - VZ LS1 Engines

Mail Order Tune LS1

Tune to suit VT - VY or VZ LS1 in supplied PCM (engine management computer)
$ 500.00
Mail Order Tune


Mail Order Tune for LS1 - VT-VZ


Custom designed Maf or Mafless Tune to suit VT - VZ LS1 engines, the tune is designed to suit the cars current modifications and configuration.

In a fair comparison we usually see at least 25kw gained at the rear wheels even in an absolutely stock vehicle, not only is power and torque increased, but there are considerable improvements with fuel economy, responsiveness and smoothness of power delivery.

If its an automatic the gearbox settings are optimized which results in better shifts and a more reliable box in the long term.

Note :
The PCMs are also not transferable from one vehicle to another.


You can order a VCM OTR by choosing from the options. They are $550 for VT-VY or $600 for VZ.


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