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Mantic Twin Plate Ceramic Cushioned Sprung Clutch for VE 6L & 6.2L V8 2006-2011

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This clutch kit is designed to replace the Original Equipment (OE) unit including the OE flywheel. The clutch is not a heavy clutch yet it can hold the highest available torque loads. Its pickup is quicker than the Twin Organic.

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FEATURE 1 9″ Lightened Aluminium Cover Assembly
FEATURE 2 Twin Cerametallic Clutch Plates
FEATURE 3 Solid Mass Flywheel
Extra Feature German Engineered Friction Material

Peak: 2050Nm, Rated: 1367Nm

This kit includes a solid mass flywheel (SMF). If your vehicle was fitted with a dual mass flywheel (DMF) as original equipment (OE), transitioning from a DMF to a SMF enhances the reliability of your clutch system, permitting the flywheel to be machined for prolonged life. However, you may notice increased noise or vibration in comparison to a DMF clutch system.

Designed and manufactured to replace the clutch system installed as Original Equipment, a Mantic Track replacement clutch kit offers an exceptionally high torque capacity increase. Every component is rigorously tested and tailored for a particular application.

With 65 years of expertise in developing and producing clutch kits for OEM and Aftermarket applications, Mantic Clutch, a subdivision of Clutch Industries (CI), stands as the reliable source for a comprehensive range of Clutch Kits tailored to your vehicle.


Performance Clutch Systems frequently involve elevated clamp loads and/or the utilization of aggressive friction materials to achieve superior torque capacities. Nevertheless, there’s a threshold. Amplifying clamp load beyond 20% can strain the vehicle’s hydraulic system, considerably diminishing the clutch system’s lifespan and leading to elevated clutch pedal actuation effort. However, the Mantic multi-plate clutch system’s benefits shine here. A 9″ Twin Plate Mantic Track system equals the effective surface of an 18″ single plate clutch, and a 9″ Triple Plate Mantic Track system corresponds to 27″. Thus, the focus shifts away from increasing clamp load, thanks to the substantially larger surface area yielding a significant torque capacity surge.


Mantic Track cover assemblies are notably lightweight, decreasing the moment of inertia (MOI) influencing crank rotation mass, enabling your vehicle to achieve swifter acceleration through effortless revving.


The Torque Capacity of a Clutch Plate can be boosted with the use of exotic cerametallic friction material, which possesses a higher coefficient of friction. Yet, cerametallic materials can lessen pedal feel and result in abrupt clutch engagements, undermining street driveability. This Mantic Track Clutch System employs German-engineered cerametallic friction material on both clutch plate sides. This design offers a potent torque capacity surge compared to Organic counterparts, albeit with diminished street driveability. This kit’s plates incorporate cushioned segments and a sprung hub to preserve adequate street driveability.


This Direct Fit Mantic Track Clutch kit includes a meticulously machined billet flywheel tailored for high RPM applications. The package comprises a bolt kit and all essentials for assembling your Mantic Track Clutch System. For those desiring to attach a Mantic Track Clutch System to an alternate flywheel due to non-standard engine/gearbox configurations, please reach out to us for details on our non-direct fit kits.


Mantic Stage 4, 5, and Track Series Kits (multi-plate) come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee from the date of purchase.

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Alternatively – Installed Pricing: For those interested in having the clutch installed at our workshop, please contact us via Messenger for pricing details and scheduling.

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