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OZ340 Postal Performance Exhaust Tune Package

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OZ340 Postal Performance Exhaust Tune Package: Power Delivered to Your Doorstep

Transform Your Ride with the Postal Performance Exhaust Package

Elevate your vehicle’s capabilities with the OZ340 Postal Performance Exhaust Tune Package from Oztrack. This comprehensive upgrade is designed for car enthusiasts who demand a significant boost in their 6L engine’s power and acoustics without the hassle of leaving home.

Unleash the Potential of Your 6L Engine Power Upgrade

Experience the thrill of enhanced performance with our 6L Engine Power Upgrade. This package is engineered to optimise your engine’s output, increasing power to approximately 340 engine kW. Feel the difference with every drive as your vehicle delivers a more responsive and dynamic performance.

Comprehensive VCM OTR Kit and Tuning Included

Our VCM OTR Kit and Tuning is a pivotal part of the OZ340 package, ensuring that your engine not only sounds powerful but also breathes more efficiently. The Over The Radiator (OTR) cold air intake system enhances airflow, which is a critical component in achieving the power gains you crave.

Superior Sound with Di Filippo Manta Pro Exhaust

The Di Filippo Manta Pro Exhaust system is renowned for its exceptional quality and sound. This premium exhaust system is included in the OZ340 package, providing a deep, resonant tone that complements the power improvements under the hood.

Remote Custom Tuning for 6L Engines: Precision Without Presence

Oztrack’s Remote Custom Tuning for 6L Engines brings our expert tuning capabilities to you. With the inclusion of a custom tune performed remotely, your vehicle will not only have the increased power but also optimised fuel efficiency and smoother handling.

The OZ340 Package: A Symphony of Power and Performance

The OZ340 is not just a product; it’s a complete performance transformation for your vehicle. Alongside the power upgrades, this package includes:

  • A VCM OTR cold air intake kit with side panels and infill panel
  • The revered Di Filippo Manta Pro exhaust system, featuring 1″7/8 4 into 1 long tube headers, 200 cell cats, and a Twin 3″ catback — all made from high-quality stainless steel
  • A set of flange bolts and exhaust gaskets, ensuring a perfect fit and seal
  • Remote custom tuning with lifetime support, guaranteeing optimal performance

Experience the Oztrack Advantage

At Oztrack, we are dedicated to providing not only the finest performance parts but also the most comprehensive service. With the OZ340 Postal Performance Exhaust Tune Package, you receive the full benefit of our years of tuning expertise, delivered directly to your door.

Elevate Your Vehicle Today

Ready to transform your 6L engine with an exhaust and tune package that stands out from the rest? Reach out to Oztrack to begin your upgrade with the OZ340, or explore our extensive range of performance packages. Take the first step towards a more exhilarating drive with Oztrack’s quality assurance and unmatched performance expertise.

Note: Ceramic coated headers available as special order.

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