VIN License

EFILive Licence
$ 185.00

EFILive VIN Licence - Flashscan or Autocal.


Extra VIN Licence for EFILive Flashscan tuning, this price includes GST. When ordering leave your units serial number and authentication code in the comments box.

You can get the authentication code by going to V2 or V1 licencing when the Flashscan unit is plugged in. Please copy the exact format of the code.

A FlashScan Serial Number must contain 12 digits and the first 2 digits will be 00, similar to this example number: 003583746598

A FlashScan V2 Authentication code is made up of 3 segments of 6 hexadecimal characters (0..9 and A..F only), similar to this example code: E49B20-7FEA45-2CA839





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