Jeep SRT 6.4L 2013-2018 Perfomance Catback

Jeep SRT 6.4L 2013-2019 Performance Catback
$ 2500.00

Jeep SRT 6.4L Performance Catback



Twin 3" stainless steel catback with great sound.

Made in Australia in 409 stainless steel and comes with huge twin tips.


We can also offer high flow cats but it has to be done in combination with a tune.
The different years models present challenges to the ECU.


Twin 3" catback, high flow cats and custom tune is $3750


pre June 2015
Twin 3" catback, high flow cats and custom tune is $4000

mid-late 2015-2017
Twin 3" catback, high flow cats, extra tuneable ECU and Tune with custom tune device is $5000


We also can offer a good true cold air intake for the Jeep SRT they are an extra $1100


We can also arrange headers to be fitted. But its at a much higher cost, as to do this work requires the engine to be dropped out and the headers installed. Contact us for a quote.


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