OZ380 VE HSV Power Pack

Performance Package for VE HSV models. OZ380 Power Pack
$ 5190.00

Performance Package for VE HSV models.
OZ380 Power Pack

The OZ380 Performance Package has been created using premium products manufactured in Australia.

it includes:

  1. Stainless Steel Full Exhaust system including 4 into 1 headers, metal catalytic converters that are Euro approved for the VE and a twin 2.5" or twin 3" catback that is active in all four tail pipes. (Bi-modal feature is optional for cars that came out with it)
  2. High performance OTR cold air intake which draws the air in over the radiator and directly into the engine.
  3. Custom DYNO Tune on the engine and gearbox (if it has a 6spd automatic)


The power produced in well run in engines is equivalent to around 380 engine kw.
 The performance of this package is not just about full throttle compared to standar. The car will accelerate more easily at light throttle, climb better in 6th gear and be much more responsive.



We can also arrange the OZ380 package for Remote Customers throughout Australia.


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