Camshaft Upgrade for an LS1 Engine

OZ430 6L Cam Upgrade for VE Commodores

OZ430 6L Cam Upgrade for VE Commodores with LS2, L76,L77 and L98 engines
$ 4750.00
Camshaft Upgrade Options


OZ430 6L Cam Upgrade for VE Commodores

This is our most common large cam upgrade package for VE Commodores and it often makes the power equivalent to around 430 engine kw. The  cam that is used idles lumpy and makes most of its gain at above 3500 rpm.

The package includes:

Custom Oztrack Camshaft - HPS or one of our other cams selected to suit what you are after. The Stealth II,HPA and STV cams are smaller cams which are stronger down low and idle not as lumpy as the HPS. They often mnake around 415 engine kw.

Dual spring kit with titanium retainers,new bases and seals.

Moly pushrods.

cam bolt retaining plate.

3 bolt cam sprocket.

LS7 Lifters, LS7 lifter guides, head gaskets and head bolts.

Dyno Tuned and Optimized for Economy on the road.


Optional Extras

25% Underdrive Balancer Kits can also be added on for an additional $575.

This kit comes with the appropriate drive belts and heavy-duty NULINE idler pulleys to suit. This is particularly important as vehicles age and bearing wear in the pulleys require them to be replaced when the drive belts come off. Even for low mileage vehicles the NULINE pulleys offer distinct advantages in that they are all metal construction and therefore much stronger and wear resistant than the original plastic units. The pulleys also feature heavy-duty high-speed bearings for performance use. These balancers are more reliable than the stock balancer in high rpm applications and they also give a small gain in power at the rear wheels across the range.


Rocker Trunion Bearing upgrade

The trunion bearing kit is fitted to the factory rockers, this gives them great reliability and smoother movement range. It is an extra $500


It is highly recommended that the car already has a full performance exhaust system upgrade and a good over the radiator style cold air intake (OTR). We also can supply these and have our own brand of exhaust on offer. Call 02 91193895 for details.


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