OZ520 VF HSV GTS Power Pack

Performance Package for VF HSV GTS & VFII HSV LSA OZ520 Power Pack includes Cold air intake,Bimodal system and 4 into 1 headers, Boost upgrade and Dyno Tune
$ 7500.00

 Oztrack's Premium Performance Package for VF HSV GTS & VF II HSV LSA

The OZ520 Power Pack includes:

Bimodal stainless steel exhaust system using the factory system and 1"7/8 4 into 1 high performance headers.
High Flow Performance Cold Air Intake.
Boost upgrade increasing boost by about 3.5 psi using a different size high performance harmonic balancer.

Custom Dyno Tuning including recalibration of the Auto gearbox.


The exhaust used we believe is the best sounding system currently on the market and with the bimodal system being retained lets you enjoy the sound and not spoil the car when cruising at highway speeds with drone.


We can also offer a package for $6350 without the Boost upgrade.


The OZ520 packages with the Manual box often make around 400rwkw and the auto around 383rwkw.


We will also be offering from March 2016 the OZ550 which includes bigger injectors and another 3 psi of boost for an extra $1100.



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