Camshaft Upgrade Kit with Remote Tuning

Mail Order Camshaft Upgrade Kit with Oztrack Remote Tuning service
$ 3250.00
Camshaft Upgrade Kit Kit


Mail Order Camshaft Upgrade Kit with Oztrack Remote Tuning service


The kit includes
Custom Oztrack Camshaft
PAC dual spring kit
Moly pushrods

Cam Bolt Plate

Cam sprocket (if its a 6 or 6.2L)

Head gaskets

Head bolts

Genuine LS7 Lifters

LS7 lifter guides.

Remote Tuning Device


Note to owners of L76/L77 engines: If the engine is an L77 or L76 you need to choose the option for a LS3 Valley Plate which must be used when doing the job. This is an extra $250



The Tune will be done remotely, we post the AUTOCAL tuning device to you to keep and we are able to use your PC Laptop (broadband equipped) to tune, log and tweak the car. It will be as good as an in person tune. We have done this in numerous countries effectively and it’s very convenient for you. We can even supply you with technical information so that you can have the cam and springs installed.


We have used a great range of cams and can give accurate advice on what to choose, have a look at our information on our custom in house designed camshafts below
Oztrack FE cam- best for Torque, Towing and best fuel economy
Oztrack LSV cam - best allrounder with choppy idle, best driveability - still make solid power to 6400rpm
Oztrack HPA cam - great allrounder with lumpy idle - best high performance cam for automatics with stock stall -  solid power to beyond 6500rpm in cars with good exhaust and intake
Oztrack HPS cam -  biggest cam recommended for L98/LS3/L77/L76/LSA - best all power, lumpy idle.
Oztrack GT cam - biggest cam designed for LS1 and LS2 only (not to be used in engines with rectangular port heads) - best all out power from stock heads, lumpy idle.

Email us and ask any questions you may have, we endeavor to answer all emails within a few hours. However, we don't share the exact specs of any of our camshafts.

We can also point you in the right direction as far as arranging a local installer or sharing the extra information your installer may need to do the installation correctly.
Note: Cam kit installation is the responsibility of the installer, parts need to be inspected by the mechanic before being fitted.  The lifter preload needs to be checked and if it is found that a different length of pushrods is needed we offer a free pushrods exchange service.


Optional extras (Call to order these on 02 91193895)

25% Underdrive Balancer Kits can also be added on for an additional $575. This kit comes with the appropriate drive belts and heavy-duty NULINE idler pulleys to suit. This is particularly important as vehicles age and bearing wear in the pulleys require them to be replaced when the drive belts come off. Even for low mileage vehicles the NULINE pulleys offer distinct advantages in that they are all metal construction and therefore much stronger and wear resistant than the original plastic units. The pulleys also feature heavy-duty high-speed bearings for performance use. These balancers are more reliable than the stock balancer in high rpm applications and they also give a small gain in power at the rear wheels across the range.


Trunion Bearing Kits for Factory Rockers- These improve factory rocker stability and reliability as well as give them a smoother movement. $500



Once the tune is finished the tuning device can since May 15th 2015 bought back for $100 or you can keep it.


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