V6 OTR & Remote Autocal Tune

VE-VF V6 Oztrack Remote Tuning service with V6 OTR kit
$ 1399.00
Remote Autocal Tune + OTR


Oztrack Remote Tuning service with VCM OTR (available for 2012+ VE and VF V6 only)

This is the best way to get your car performing at it’s best while keeping the overall cost low. Included is a Orrsom “Over the Radiator” OTR

The Tune will be done remotely, we post the the AUTOCAL tuning device to you to keep and we are able to use your PC Laptop (broadband equipped) to tune, log and tweak the car. It will be as good as an in person tune. We have done this in numerous countries effectively and its very convenient for you.

After this pack is performed, not only is power increased by around 25 engine kw, responsiveness and smoothness of power delivery are all considerably improved.



Aftermarket camshaft tuning is an extra $100


We also buy back used autocals for $100 if you no longer need it.


Extra cars can be tune on the supplied autocal, they are $485 each.



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