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Oztrack has been an Australian Reseller of EFILive since 2006, we have supplied EFILive Flashscan & EFILive licenses to numerous workshops and individuals. Being located in Sydney we have over the past 8 years had access to and tuned a huge number of cars. This has allowed our strategies to become very highly developed and we have had experience with a wide range of common problems that present themselves with the LS engines.



EFILive has what we consider industry-leading data logging software. This provides the tuner with critical information that influences the fine-tuning of every cars tune calibration. Its software for editing the calibration is highly advanced and uses the latest windows styling for menus etc.  It is also being constantly updated for new models of vehicles and extra features are being added steadily. The updating process isn’t easy and it is in this area that we often help workshops by providing support with the firmware updates, software updates and in teaching about the new features.  We can also program the device so that it can be used on its own without a laptop for logging purposes in race cars etc. We choose the parameters that are best to be used and program them in. There are also situations where external sensors can be connected to Flashscan and setup as well eg wideband air-fuel systems and exhaust gas temperatures detectors.


EFilive Flashscan-GM

HP Tuners (VCM Suit)

We also tune and support HPTuners especially with SRT engines in Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge/Chrysler 6.4L 392. We have great success tuning cam upgrades in the new 392. We can get it driving nicely and making great power.
We can also tune LS engines with HPTuners with cam upgrades/superchargers etc.


Tune Calibrations


Because we are in Australia if you live in the USA your exchange rate makes buying our support quite cheap. We quote in Australia Dollars, so do the conversion.

We offer calibrations that have been highly developed and would be our starting point when doing tunes in-house. These are usually very highly modified versions of the tune calibrations that are read from the vehicle. We call these starter tune calibrations “Base Tunes”. These are supplied via email with instructions for what needs to be done to complete the tune and we then offer support with adjusting the base tune to customize it via email, we liaise with the workshops on the phone and can even connect to the workshop PC to assist with the tuning support live.


Black VF GTS

Remote Support


In this situation, we can control the keyboard and mouse remotely and see the screen on our PC.  We have tuned race cars remotely in Europe this way and have made many adjustments when cars are at race tracks this way including Bathurst 12hr. We currently tune a car remotely that is leading the NSW Improved Production Car Race series.  Our Remote Tuning Service is highly developed and we have been doing this for over 10 years.

Oztrack Remote Support Live

Business Partnership Aims


We aim to help our partner workshops to make money and in doing this we also make money. We strongly believe that car by car is the best way to learn to tune. We could easily offer “introduction to tuning” workshops since Steve our Head Tuner has a Scientific & Teaching background but we believe that tuning courses are a far slower way to learn the specific skills needed than one car at a time. This is because tuning is a highly specialized field and includes a huge amount of technical information which has to be heard, understood and remembered. Information overload is the biggest hurdle and it doesn’t usually help people get past their first tuning hurdle.  The best way to do this is with repeated experiences of the right techniques.  We can offer the beginning tuner the security of being warned of the risks and at the same time, the confidence of knowing what they are doing is a proven procedure rather than aiming to re-invent the wheel. We have the experience of having seen many weird things the cars often do and knowing what to do to counter them or prevent them. What we haven’t experienced we want to help problem-solve with the workshop.

Call us on 02 9119 3895 for more information about the Oztrack Workshop Partner Program. We also offer many of our parts at trade prices for our partners.

We also now offer support for Tuners using HPTuners and provide Base Tunes for HPTuners and remote support

Get more information HERE including prices

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