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Remote Custom Tuning using Autocal V3

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We post you an EFILive Autocal Device so that we can remotely custom tune your vehicle. (now shipping to USA)

Vehicles supported include:

All Australian Holden (HSV) V8s since the LS1 in 1999. LS2, LS3, L98,L77,L76 and LSA
All American GM V8s since 1998 with the LS engines. Corvettes, Camaros, Cadillacs etc.

This includes:

EFILive Autocal V3 device for you to keep. The device has 1 vehicle licence available & many extra vehicles can be tuned on the same device for an additional cost.

The autocal device can read the tune calibration from the vehicle without a laptop with just a few clicks.

The autocal is then plugged into your internet capable PC and the tune calibration file is sent to Oztrack. We build the new calibration to suit your car and mods. Then sent it to you, it is then transferred to the autocal and you are then able to flash the changed file/s into your car. The vehicle's performance can then be data logged using autocal and then also sent to Oztrack who are then able to customize the tune settings based on the logged data. This process of logging and adjusting is repeated a few times until the car's performance is optimised.

You can then use autocal to perform convenient updates via Oztrack, have your friends cars tuned with your device.

You can also diagnose and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) with the autocal.

The end result of these custom tunes is usually at least as good as any in-person custom tune.

Gearbox tuning for autos is now included in the price. Forced Induction Tuning is an extra AUD$200 (Call us)

Note: Changes that are made after the original tune service which are to suit new modifications etc. are charged depending on the situation. Some simple mods are free. Customers can be supplied with their original tune settings which can be flashed back to stock at a later date.

We now buyback used Autocal devices for AUD$150.

Extra cars added later: The device can have licences put on it so that we can remotely tune extra cars. These are charged at a rate of AUD$485 each.

If the original car has a cam upgrade later the update will cost AUD$300.

Call us for other options. 02 91193895

The OTR options include:

VE-VF OTR full kit inc. side panels and infill
V6 VF OTR includes VCM OTR with side panels and infill
VT-VY OTR includes the VCM mafless plastic OTR
VZ OTR includes the VCM mafless plastic OTR with IAT sensor and patch harness.

HUB Dyno Tuning is now available at our shop in Penrith, Sydney.

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