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VF LSA Performance Packages

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All LSA Performance Packages use our Bi-modal exhaust which utilizes true bimodal rear mufflers.

OZ500 for the LSA includes the following:

  • 409 stainless steel twin 2.5″ or twin 3″ BI-MODAL catback with quad tips.
  • Metal high flow cats
  • 409 stainless steel tuned length long 4 into 1 headers with 1″7/8 primaries
  • Harrop LSA cold air intake
  • Oztrack Normal Custom Tune or optional HUB Dyno tuning extra $400
This exhaust system manufactured for Oztrack in Australia is the best sounding system we can find for the LSA V8. The combination lifts the power to 500 engine kw. If the car has an automatic gearbox a tune for it is included in the price.

The OZ520

Also includes a boost upgrade of near 3 psi from our supply and install of a 10% overdriven powerbond race harmonic balancer. HUB Dyno Tuned.

The OZ550

Also includes a boost upgrade of near 6-7 psi from our supply and install of a 28% overdriven powerbond race harmonic balancer. This is also accompanied by upgraded flow matched 1000cc fuel injectors. HUB Dyno Tuned.

The OZ580

Also includes a cam upgrade to one of our LSA supercharger cams, as well as:
  • Double Valve Springs with Titanium Retainers
  • Chromoly pushrods
  • LSA head gaskets
  • Head Bolts
  • LS7 lifters and lifter guides
  • Cam Sprocket and Bolts
  • Performance Rocker Bush Kit
  • 28% Powerbond Balancer
  • 1000cc Flow Matched Injectors
  • HUB Dyno Tuning
We can also offer the VCM Performance Front Drive. Or we also can upgrade the supercharger to Harrop 2650i with 1000hp fuel system etc. Call us to discuss or book in on 0291193895 This page aims to give you information and doesn’t expect you to pay up front this way. Penrith, Sydney

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