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VT-VF V8 Cam Upgrade Kit with Remote Custom Tuning inc device.

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Revolutionise Your V8 with Oztrack’s Cam Upgrade Kit

Unparalleled V8 Cam Upgrade Kit with Autocal V3

Discover the ultimate engine transformation with Oztrack’s V8 Cam Upgrade Kit with Autocal V3. Designed for enthusiasts who demand nothing less than the best, this kit includes everything you need to take your VT-VF V8 engine’s performance to the next level.

Remote Custom Tuning with Autocal V3: Performance at Your Fingertips

Harness the power of cutting-edge technology with Remote Custom Tuning with Autocal V3. This revolutionary service allows you to apply professional-grade custom tuning from anywhere, ensuring your V8 engine operates with unprecedented power and precision.

The Definitive Cam Upgrade for VT-VF V8 Engines

Oztrack specialises in maximising your vehicle’s capabilities, and our Cam Upgrade for VT-VF V8 Engines is no exception. By integrating an Oztrack cam into your engine, paired with the precision of the Autocal V3, we deliver a symphony of performance that’s music to any gearhead’s ears.

Oztrack Cam Kit and Tuning Device: Your All-in-One Solution

Our comprehensive Oztrack Cam Kit and Tuning Device package is the result of meticulous engineering and passion for automotive excellence. It’s an all-inclusive solution designed to provide a seamless upgrade experience, from unboxing to ultimate performance.

EFILive Autocal V3 with Cam Upgrade: Tuning Made Easy

With the EFILive Autocal V3 with Cam Upgrade, tuning your vehicle has never been easier. This device enables a straightforward tuning process, allowing us to tailor your engine’s output to match your driving style and performance goals.

Oztrack’s Commitment to Performance

At Oztrack, we’re not just selling parts; we’re crafting legacies. Our commitment to quality means each V8 Cam Upgrade Kit with Autocal V3 is backed by our extensive expertise and unwavering support. We’re with you every step of the way, from selection to installation and beyond.

Take the Leap with Oztrack

Ready to experience the pinnacle of V8 performance? The journey begins with Oztrack’s cam upgrade kit, complete with the EFILive Autocal V3 device. To get started, contact us or explore our range of tuning solutions. Let Oztrack unlock the true potential of your VT-VF V8 engine, and drive into a future where power and precision reign supreme.

LS Cam Kit Suitable for:
  • VT-VZ LS1 cam upgrades
  • VZ 6L Cam Upgrades
  • VE Cam Upgrades
  • VF Cam Upgrades
Oztrack Cam (choice)
  • Dual Springs Kit choice of PAC-1904 650 lift with Chromoly Retainers (150/400lb) or Polished 660 lift springs with Titanium Retainers 160lb/415lb)
  • Chromoly Pushrods 110 wall
  • Head Gaskets
  • Head Bolts
  • LS7 Lifters
  • LS7 Lifter Buckets
  • Cam Bolts
  • Cam Sprocket (if 6/6.2L)
  • (Valley Plate if L77/L76)
  • Balancer Bolt
  • EFILive Autocal V3 Remote Custom Tuning Service
Watch our related video: Click here GTX-R & HPX-R both require aftermarket pistons with valve reliefs or flycuts made into the factory pistons. HUB Dyno Tuning is available at our shop in Penrith, Sydney. We aim to offer the best ls3 cam package available. We can now ship DPE (Difillipo) Manta Pro systems with our Remote Tuned Cam Upgrade Kits. We typically supply the long tube stainless steel 1″7/8 headers, 200 cell cats and Twin 3″ catback. Ceramic silver or black are available as well as Bimodal for supported models. Call us. Prices quoted include shipping. Shipping in our checkout is only for the ls cam kit. Exhaust shipping is included in the list price. Call us 0291193895 for more details and other options.

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