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Gen-F HSV Supercharged LSA Modification Guide

The LSA engine with 1900 Supercharger in the latest Gen-F HSV is the most powerful engine ever used in a Holden. This guide is for owners wanting it to sound better and produce more than its factory power of around 430 engine kw. Straight from HSV they are quicker than any other model of Holden ever made.

Gen-F HSV Dyno Tuning


At the most basic level, the standard engine computer calibration that is in the engine E67 is able to be improved. This results in more power right through the range and better throttle response as well as more torque from low in the rpm.  The power gain from a tune on its own with no other modifications is around 20 engine kw.

High Flow Cold Air Intake


The next simple thing to do is to fit a better flowing cold air intake. The factory airbox and its pipe from the maf to the throttle body hold the engine back due to lack of airflow.  Changing the air intake to one that flows better results in more boost without changing the supercharger rpm due to there being less induction restriction and results in around  20 engine kw extra power.

Performance Exhaust Upgrade


The factory exhaust is the next item that can be improved. The engine pipes are no better than the version used on the Holden Commodore range. These can be replaced with 4 into 1s that have large 1”7/8 primary pipes and higher flowing metal cats and this can flow into a larger high-performance catback, the one we prefer to use has valves on the rear mufflers that use the bimodal factory control. These systems sound great at cruising speeds because the bimodal system eliminates drone and at full load the exhaust valves open up letting out the great sound of the LSA engine at full song.  The combined effects of the exhaust system are usually around 30 more engine kw.

Recommended Modifications


For many customers, this is where I would recommend stopping, because you have to stop somewhere. But if you have the desire for more power the next step we recommend is a boost increase.

Wanting even more power?

The least expensive of the two options is to increase the boost which can be arranged by having a larger harmonic balancer fitted. We prefer to use the size that gives around a 3 psi increase which we believe in the best compromise of extra boost with the LSA 1900 blower. We also can offer one that gives around 6.5psi. Our 3 psi boost increase gives up to around 520 engine kw and the 6.5psi gives up to 550 engine kw.

The next option is to have an upgraded camshaft fitted. We have a few different cams that suit the LSA and will allow around 20-40 rear wheel kw more power at the same level of boost over the stock camshaft and give a lumpy idle. Combined with increased boost and a cam with the stock heads it is possible to make up to around 580 engine kw. Beyond that would require aftermarket heads.

LSA Supercharger Limitations


We have seen an LSA with aftermarket heads and cam plus maximum possible overdrive boosting make almost 500 rwkw. But it is not recommended to push the factory supercharger that hard for sc reliability reasons. They should rarely be spun above 23000rpm and with our largest boost upgrade, this rpm occurs at about 6900 engine rpm.

Driving a Gen-F HSV


Driving a Gen-F HSV with more power is worth describing. This new HSV steers and brakes fantastic and these superchargers are incredibly refined and not noisy. The power delivery is very smooth. They do however even with just upgraded exhaust and intake with custom tune have enough grunt to spin the tyres to the point you need to back off if you give it full throttle from takeoff and that is even with the auto gearbox in drive where it takes off in second gear. More power than that and you are not able to use full throttle without wheelspin unless you wait to be at a higher and higher speed dependent on the level of modifications. It isn’t much fun for the majority of people not being able to use full throttle until 80kph plus, the novelty wears off quickly. So give some thought when choosing your cars performance upgrade level, we recommend to start with minimal mods and slowly work up to a power level that is right for you. I would recommend against going for a 500kw plus package first up unless you know what you are getting yourself into.

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