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LS Rebuild/Cam Upgrade 5.7 6.0 6.2

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Oztrack Engine Builds and Reconditioning

In 2023, Oztrack proudly offers expedited engine builds and reconditioning services, thanks to our state-of-the-art in-house engine machining facility. We understand the need for speed and precision, and we deliver both with our comprehensive engine package.

Our Top-Tier Engine Package Features:

  • A selection of Oztrack LS camshafts, with the HPX-R option designed for use with aftermarket pistons.
  • High-performance Double Valve Springs.
  • Durable Chromoly Pushrods.
  • Complete Gasket kit for a secure seal.
  • LS7 Lifters & Buckets for uncompromised lift and durability.
  • GM Head bolts and Balancer Bolt.
  • Rear Main Plate with seal.
  • An Improved Oil Pump for optimal lubrication.
  • Sturdy Timing IWIS single timing chain.
  • LS7 Cam sprocket and Valley plate for specific engine types.
  • Chain Dampener to maintain tension integrity.
  • Professional Engine removal and installation services.
  • Thorough Chemical Hotwash Engine Cleaning for a fresh start.
  • New Pistons and Rings.
  • Using our Comec Machine. Your engine block is surfaced to a shiny finish. Then CNC Bored to size.
  • The Cylinders are Torque Plate Honed using our Sunnen Honing Machine.
  • New bearings for rods, cams, and mains.
  • New Run-In Oil & Filters, with GM-approved run-in oil.
  • Fresh coolant to keep your engine running cool.
With an Oztrack Cam Upgrade, expect to see a dramatic enhancement in the performance of your HSV or Commodore. Each rebuild is personalised to meet your needs, and we welcome you to discuss the possibilities with Jono, our expert engine builder.

To ensure the highest quality of your rebuilt engine, we include a Run-In on our Prohub Dyno, followed by Dyno Tuning after transitioning to synthetic oil. This process guarantees that your engine is perfectly tuned and ready for peak performance.

For Same Day Approval Finance, details on our range of exhaust options, including ceramic-coated headers and bimodal rear mufflers, or to discuss your engine build and book an appointment, please call (02) 91193895. As Platinum Dealers for DPE Manta Pro Exhaust, we offer competitive installation rates alongside engine builds.

We’re not just a service; we’re a partner in performance. Although this page provides you with essential information, we encourage a direct conversation to tailor a plan that suits your needs.

Located in Penrith, Sydney, Oztrack is your answer to the search for ‘engine builders near me’. We specialise in Engine Reconditioning, ensuring you get your car back on the road with confidence and power.

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